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Are you looking for a reliable dentist in the Boulder, CO area? At Richard Myers, D.D.S., we are currently accepting new patients of all ages. We have years of experience working with the young, old, and in between. You can trust with your entire family’s dental care.

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When you come to our dentist in Boulder, CO, you can trust us to analyze your teeth. We’ll determine the best way to improve your bite and extend the lifespan of your teeth. We also accept patients of all ages, so your entire family can receive ample dental care.

To schedule your next appointment, call our office at 303.443.1131. And don’t forget to fill out our new patient forms.

When Planning Dental Treatment

Dr. Myers discusses the options available to each individual. Once treatment is discussed, Dr. Myers and his staff will explain all the aspects of planning and implementation of the treatment including esthetics of the treatment, timeline of work to be done, financial, and insurance breakdown.

We use color and the proportion of an individual’s face (i.e. face, eyes, and skin components) to create and restore balance in the mouth. This might include fillings, crowns, and tooth (teeth) replacements with implants or fixed bridges.

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You'll be all smiles once you've visited the office of Dr. Richard Myers, D.D.S., P.C. We offer cosmetic and general dentistry, and we accept most insurances. Call today.

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