Dental Implant Restoration Services

Getting a dental implant can seem like a complicated process, but a knowledgeable dental professional can help ease you through every step. When you’ve already completed the first stage of the implant process, our helpful team in our Boulder, CO office can provide comfortable dental implant restorations.

Once your implant has had time to integrate into your jawbone, we’ll begin the restoration process by attaching an abutment to your implant. This abutment is a connecting piece made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two, and it connects the implant to the crown, bridge, or dentures.

Single Crown Implants

before implant
after implant

If you’ve lost only one tooth, a single crown implant can suffice. Like the abutment, a crown is made from metal, porcelain, or both. If you’re replacing one of your front teeth, most patients prefer porcelain because it looks the most like their natural teeth. If you’re replacing a back tooth, we often use porcelain fused to gold or all-gold crowns.

Implant Bridge

If you’ve lost two or more teeth, you can opt for an implant bridge. The bridge includes as many artificial teeth as you need. It also includes crowns for your natural teeth on either side of the artificial teeth. We secure your new artificial teeth onto your implants. The crown on either side of the bridge connects to a natural tooth to secure your implant bridge in place.

Implants with Dentures

If you’re missing many teeth but don’t like the feel of dentures, implants with dentures are a more comfortable choice. These dentures connect to implants, so they fit more securely in your mouth than traditional dentures. But, like traditional dentures, these dentures are removable. Using finger pressure, you can disconnect the dentures from the implant abutments whenever you want to remove them.

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