3 things not to do if you want white teeth

Dentist checking a patients teeth on the white scale

Who doesn’t like a set of pearly white teeth? They are the number one thing people desire when they talk about beauty goals. Nothing feels better than having a white, bright smile. You may have heard od so many things that you should do to make your teeth shine bright and white. But have you heard of things that you should never do if you want to preserve that white smile? Well, don’t you worry, we are here to educate you about the three things that you should never do. These are a few of many things that can ruin your natural pearly white smile.

Hard and Rough Brushing:

Most of the population thinks that when you brush hard, you get rid of more bacteria, making your teeth clean, but that’s not the case. Gentle brushing is the way to go; rough brushing damages your teeth faster than anything else. Most toothpaste has chemicals such as soda or whitening chemicals that add to the damage as well. Hard brushing can make matters worse. A long gentle massage is all you need to make your teeth whiter and brighter. Dental experts ask their patients again and again not to brush your teeth hard and rough. This damages the enamel shield that the teeth naturally have, making your teeth yellow and prone to decay. Along with brushing you should always floss your teeth daily as well.

Avoid Certain Drinks:

Softdrinks are bad for your teeth

There are certain drinks like coffee, Red wine, and tea. They are a few of the many beverages that stain your teeth very severely. Many people have been consuming smoothies and such as dinner or lunch replacements. Like green smoothies and colorful shakes. The best way to avoid this is to skip these drinks altogether nut if you can’t do that make sure you rinse your mouth with water after drinking such beverages. A lot of people are addicted to soda or wine and such drinks, if you can’t avoid these, use a straw. Straws are one way of avoiding contact with teeth, no contact no stain. If possible you should always brush after drinking coffee or tea; this practice will also keep stains are their minimum.

Be careful with DIYs:

There are many DIY that is circulating the internet; many people claim that they have used these and they work a hundred percent to whiten and brighten your teeth, but please be careful when you are going for such DIYs. The lead dentist over at Tannlege Trondheim – Velkommen til Tannklinikken Dent, Lars Husby stated that “We know that certain whitening procedures can be expensive, so you would love to try some natural DIYs that have been breaking the internet to make your teeth white the natural way.  Foods like strawberries and lemon have acids; these may have an adverse effect on your teeth. They may cause permanent damage as well. There is no harm in trying it, but to be doing it daily would be a huge mistake. Experts wouldn’t recommend these in a hurry. These foods, as well as charcoal, is a big no for whitening your teeth.”

For one thing, charcoal will stain your lips, making them darker. The second this is coal compounds are abrasive, they can make your teeth weaker and stain easy as it may damage the enamel shield your teeth naturally has. Another substance that you can cut off from your list of DIY whitening method is baking soda. Baking soda is used to make the meat tender, imagine what It would do to your gums, if not washed properly.


Adult teeth are hard to replace, they do not grow back. Please practice caution when it comes to your teeth. Always take advice from a professional to keep the pearly whites healthy and shiny.

3 things not to do if you want white teeth
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